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School Life

School Environment

We aim to make school life as fun and exciting as possible for all stakeholders. We maintain a friendly atmosphere yet ensure student behaviour exhibit discipline and etiquettes. Extracurricular activities are planned at the start of the new academic year for each section.

Pre-primary section education is all about fun and activities for our young learners. However as they advance to the junior and then senior section, academics take precedent. Activities at a higher stage focus on character and confidence building rather than academics. Moreover, projects based on current events are encouraged to create awareness regarding the challenges that lie ahead in life and how to overcome such hurdles.

Due to the vibrant history of our country we have multiple national days where talent shows are organised to impasse knowledge and stoke patriotism. These are usually in-house programs where students perform for the school.

Besides national days the school also organises Sports activities, open day events where students display their projects and perform skits for visiting parents and class-fellows. Our Sports Day is the grand event of the year where students and teachers work very hard to make it a success. Sports Day activities include, March Past, PT Display, Formation, Karate and Track races.

We provide councilor service to our students to help them deal with any problems they might be facing in school or otherwise. We encourage them to feel comfortable in approaching the school office to discuss any matters so concern. We maintain confidentiality and have visiting faculty to address any serious concerns.

In case of medical emergencies we have staff trained to give first aid. Our staff has attended the School Teachers’ First Responder Course from AKU.

We welcome students with disabilities and try to ensure that their needs are addressed so that they may be comfortable in pursuing their studies effectively.

From Grade 7 onwards boys and girls are placed in separate classes in order to manage space in our labs and class rooms.

We have a full fledged canteen where good quality and branded food is sold. The menu varies and home cooked meals are also provided in order to maintain hygiene.

Dear Parents,

Our school app has been uploaded on Playstore and iOS. Please download the app and log in using your registered mobile number. If you are unable to log in send an email to support@studentacademy.edu.pk with your mobile number, child’s name and GR number. Alternatively you may contact the school office during office hours (9 am till 1 pm). Once logged in input an email address in the profile section of the app so that you can receive your child’s assignments and links via email.

Online classes will commence from the week of the 8th of June, thus it is imperative that parent email addresses are updated via the app.

Details regarding online classes will be shared via email and the app. Please make sure that you turn notifications on in the app settings and enable push notifications for your email.

Due to the lockdown and holidays we have been rushing to get our online systems ready. We look forward to your cooperation and would be happy to receive any feedback with respect to the app. As classes start we will be gradually utilising the app for information sharing.

Thank you.