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> School Life

We strive for providing a sound academic environment where activity based learning is involved in all classes. Students are guided in planning Projects in Science and Social Studies.


  • Earth Day (Pre-Nursery till Class II)
  • Peace Day (Pre-Nursery till Class II)
  • Fruit Salad Day (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Celebration Of Seasons (Pre-Nursery till KG) (Summer Day, Winter Day, Spring Day, Autumn Day)
  • Creative Art Day (Pre-Nursery till Class II)
  • Celebration of Colours (Pre-Nursery till KG) (Red Day, Blue Day, Yellow Day, Green Day, Orange Day, Purple Day)
  • Profession Day (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Educational Trip (Places around us) (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Orientation Workshop (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Dawn Spelling Bee Contest