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We strive for providing a sound academic environment where activity based learning is involved in all classes. Students are guided in planning Projects in Science and Social Studies.


  • Earth Day (Pre-Nursery till Class II)
  • Peace Day (Pre-Nursery till Class II)
  • Fruit Salad Day (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Celebration Of Seasons (Pre-Nursery till KG) (Summer Day, Winter Day, Spring Day, Autumn Day)
  • Creative Art Day (Pre-Nursery till Class II)
  • Celebration of Colours (Pre-Nursery till KG) (Red Day, Blue Day, Yellow Day, Green Day, Orange Day, Purple Day)
  • Profession Day (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Educational Trip (Places around us) (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Orientation Workshop (Pre-Nursery till KG)
  • Dawn Spelling Bee Contest

Dear Parents,

Our school app has been uploaded on Playstore and iOS. Please download the app and log in using your registered mobile number. If you are unable to log in send an email to support@studentacademy.edu.pk with your mobile number, child’s name and GR number. Alternatively you may contact the school office during office hours (9 am till 1 pm). Once logged in input an email address in the profile section of the app so that you can receive your child’s assignments and links via email.

Online classes will commence from the week of the 8th of June, thus it is imperative that parent email addresses are updated via the app.

Details regarding online classes will be shared via email and the app. Please make sure that you turn notifications on in the app settings and enable push notifications for your email.

Due to the lockdown and holidays we have been rushing to get our online systems ready. We look forward to your cooperation and would be happy to receive any feedback with respect to the app. As classes start we will be gradually utilising the app for information sharing.

Thank you.