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An educational institute’s true success is determined by its Alumni. Student Academy has a strong alumni which makes its Alma Mater proud. We are humbled by the kind words our students have to say about us. We love to hear about the endeavors our students take up and wish them nothing but the best. We are glad to see how the knowledge lights your way.

Matric Batch of 2010 – 2011 Obtained 85% marks. Presently studying Mechanical Engineering at N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology.

Out in the world of hardships and problems, a school is where you spend time without worries and it is the place where you enjoy your childhood the most. My life at Student Academy was great. Infact the best time of my life which I had spent was at my school. The faculty was great and un paralleled. My school and my great teachers made me who I am today. I remember my last years when our teachers got quite strict with us, and we were of the view that all the problems and misfortunes had been given to us, we’re not allowed to have fun and to enjoy. To be honest, the strictness had been quite fun. But, then came the time when we left our school and entered the life outside. It is then I realized what I had lost. I missed my school, I missed as if I would never had missed anything in my life. I remembered the scolding of Mrs. Asad, and I thought that how absolutely right she was by being strict with us. The life outside school is tough. I understood the reason of our teachers being hard on us. The teachers of Student Academy are seriously great. They were most cooperative with us. I have enjoyed every single moment of my life at school and I cherish it.

Muhammad Asad Ullah Khan

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric batch 2005 – 2006 obtained 727 marks with 85.5%. Degree – M.B.B.S (Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery ) from Dow University of Health Sciences. Current Position – Internship at Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK)

Studying at Student Academy was one of the major factors helping me achieve my goal of being a Doctor. I studied almost all the years of my schooling at Student Academy.The teachers were very helpful not only academically but also in building the personality of the students.Special emphasis was given on proper pronunciation, spelling and grammar of English language and nobody was allowed to speak any other language in school.There was no compromise in the discipline of the students and every one was held accountable for their actions and if anyone misbehaved, strict disciplinary action was taken against them.Cleanliness and proper school attire was implemented. The curriculum was outstanding as we used to learn not only the regular subjects but also History and Geography and Art. There was a well-equipped library which really helped the students develop their reading skills and expand their knowledge.We also used to have a special period where we were shown educational and historical movies. There were news presentations almost daily in the assembly which focused on current events and scientific discoveries. We used to have Physical Education period during which we engaged in sports and exercises.Science Fairs, Sports Day and Open Days, Talent Shows, Field trips to Museums and Water parks, Eid Milan Parties and Farewells were held once a year to give students a break from their daily learning. We Used to celebrate Independence Day and Earth Day and other religious and international Days by making posters and plays.All in all my experience at Student Academy was a pleasant and highly fulfilling.I thank my teachers and the Principal for running such a brilliant school which helped me nurture the skills and education that everyone requires for a successful life.

Mirza Kazim Ali

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric batch 2008 – 2009 obtained 748 marks. Presently studying Medicine at Sindh Medical College

I graduated from Student Academy in the year 2009 with an A-One grade securing 748 marks out of 850. I did my Intermediate from PECHS College and am currently in my third year of medicine school. I am proud to say that my school is the best school ever. From discipline to education, my school teachers have taught me every quality a person needs to prosper in life. I am what I am today, only because of my school, my teachers and most of all, the hard work and appreciation of my principal Mrs Khadija Mohib. I can never thank her enough for her kindness. Since the day I got done with my matriculation, the journey from getting into the top most girl’s college and then clearing my aptitude test to get into SMC, one of the best medical schools in the city, wasn’t a piece of pie. But what I learnt from school was to never give up on my dream, and so with the zeal and enthusiasm, here I am, coping up with all the challenges in life. When it comes to quality education, Student Academy offered to me the best teachers for all the subjects. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, Mrs. Rehana Asad and Mrs. Rubina Fawad. It is because of their English lessons that today, I can go in any part of the world and confidently converse in English. Thank you Mrs. Tayabba for putting all your efforts in teaching us Urdu and Islamiat. I know better Urdu than students who graduated from other renowned schools. Being one of the first to get full scholarship from school throughout, I feel privileged and I am grateful from all my heart.I am very proud of my school. I hope to see it growing and prospering in the future.

Marzia Tahir

Former Student, Student Academy

Life at Student Academy was not all fun and games; working hard andfollowing the discipline of school was an important aspect of life. Putting in my level best trained me to battle all the hardships that I faced in completing my graduation from DHA College. I wish to thank my principal Mrs. Mohib and all my teachers and tell you that I cherish the moments of school life.

Saniya Naqi

Former Student, Student Academy

Student Academy will always have a special place in my heart as it has played a major role in my life. It is a school where each child is given full attention and where there is a solution to all his/her problems related to education. A school which not only imparts a high standard of education but character building is also given equal importance. The well organized and well thought of extracurricular activities give a perfect chance and platform to bring out the students talents and reveal their confidence. I was always encouraged by my teachers and even my principal in every aspect. I consider myself very fortunate to spend the most important years of my life at Student Academy. It is due to the hard work and perseverance of our teaching faculty that I am now a student of Pre-Medical at Bahria College, studying to become a doctor and serve humanity.

Thanks Student Academy for nurturing my dreams!

Aneesha Tahir

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch of 2009 – 2010 Obtained 755 marks with 89%. Presently studying Visual Studies (Industrial Designer) from KU (Karachi University).

Schooling is the pillar of ones life, whatever you learn from there constructs your knowledge and builds your character. In such a crucial time of ones life, the school and the environment provided by it really matters! I have been lucky to be in the same school from Pre Nursery to Matric and specially in such an academy which makes you a student and offers much to learn as a student. STUDENT ACADEMY has enlightened many people’s future for sure and I feel blessed to be among them. My 13 years in Student Academy were just full of colours, knowledge, inspiring teachers, interesting activities and discipline. We used to have extracurricular activities and various events beside our studies. The credit goes to the Administration of Student Academy and the enthusiastic staff who made it possible for us. I would like to mention the morning presentations here , they also had a major role in our school life .Speaking in front of the entire school always seemed impossible first , but with the passage of time it minimized our hesitation and brought confidence and made us speak what we wanted in front of the world .That is the reason that today giving a presentation is not that hard .Open DAYs gave each of us a chance to create , to invent and to show the hidden talent of a student .Once due to my art teacher and who is my inspiration as well ,Miss Sitwat Nadeem, I got a chance to sit and sketch under a banner saying “Our Young Artists ” . That was really pleasing . Creative writing starting from junior classes enabled us to think and write on any given topic, in English as well as in Urdu. Usually the importance of anything is felt the most when the time has passed or we have moved away. After school life when I went to teach in different schools, it made the fact crystal clear that the building does not really matter nor the number of wings of a school, the thing which really matters is “QUALITY OF EDUCATION” and highly influencing management! I have been following our school’s trends, the events, extracurricular activities and other stuff going on in Student Academy and may continue it People usually ask about my school in a very positive way and yes this is true that whatever we may or have become is certainly due to our beloved school, STUDENT ACADEMY! Now I am a student of VISUAL STUDIES and am aiming to become an INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER. I really wish if one day I could do a bit for my school. May Student Academy, our respectable principal, teachers and the entire staff always stay blessed and may this journey of lighting the way through knowledge continue forever.


Regards, your student … Syed Ali Murtaza Abbas (2010)

Syed Ali Murtaza Abbas

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch of 2011 – 2012 Obtained 800 marks with 94.11%. Presently doing BSc.Honours (Accounting & Finance) from LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences).

Not one of the renowned and famous schools in the city, but in my eyes – the best in my city. Studying in Student Academy is the best thing that happened in my life and it is because of this school that today I am here at LUMS. I first walked in through its gates as a 3 year old toddler in pre-nursery and walked out as a learned gentleman and a proud Student Academy graduate.It has excellent faculty for academic and character building. The rules and regulations are strictly followed which is one of the most important things for ones character building. One thing more that I want to mention is the commitment, hardwork and dedication of the principal who made it a school where now every parent wants to send his child. In order to sum up my view, all I want to say is if I ever get a chance to study in this school again, I would accept the opportunity with my eyes closed. That is how much I adore my school.


Umair Arshad Karim, 2012 Graduate.

Umair Arshad Karim

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch of 2009-2010 Obtained 85% marks. Presently doing Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) from University of Karachi.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ This is what I learned from Student Academy. It is the best school ever. The teachers were very hardworking. I studied in this school for 10 years and that was the best part of my life. The rules and regulations were strictly followed and the maintenance of discipline was mandatory. Great emphasis was given on English language and students were supposed to converse in English. The school not only provided quality education but extracurricular activities were also an integral part of the academic session. Celebration of different events like Pakistan Day, Independence Day, Cultural Day, Earth Day etc was a source of knowledge for the students. Open Day, Sports Day and a Picnic were organized annually. There was a well equipped library, computer lab and science lab which attracted the students in search of knowledge. Finally I would like to thank the principal Mrs. Khadija Mohib, respected teachers and the domestic staff for bringing me up to this level.


I pray to Allah for more and more success of my school and may this journey of spreading education continues forever. Stay blessed Student Academy!

Zainab Hassan

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch of 2010 – 2011 Obtained 92% marks. Presently doing M.B.B.S from DUHS (Dow University of Health Sciences).

Studying in Student Academy had been a great learning experience. Although I studied at the school for only two years but hardworking, knowledgeable, experienced and caring principal and teachers equipped me with the learning which not only enabled me to secure very good grades but is also helping me in my current (medical) studies. Thank you Student Academy.

Amina Majid

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch 2013-14, Obtained 90% marks.

As children we all are taught that our teachers are also like our parents, but I’m one of the few very lucky children who observed it too. STUDENT ACADEMY is pretty much of what every parent wishes for their child. I passed 13 years of my life in this school. It was quite a journey from Pre-Nursery to Matric , playful and happy but with a strict academic environment. I remember praying for a holiday each day, but now when I think back, each and every moment I spent in this school was totally worth it. It’s only been months that I moved up a level and I already miss my school life. STUDENT ACADEMY, a school with a totally different environment, a teaching faculty for which if I may say is the synonym of excellence won’t be wrong. Rules were strictly followed for the proper character building of the students, where history actually was valuable whether it was the Independence Day or the Earth Day. Our school equally focuses on promoting its students’ talents in sports as well. Student Academy is a school that provides discipline and quality education. This is due to the guidance of my teachers and I thank them for putting up with all the pranks and follies of the students. Here I would not forget the domestic staff; Baba shouting at the gate and the rest keeping us healthy by maintaining a clean environment. In the end, the entire credit goes to Mrs. Khadija Mohib, the principal and the founder of the school.


I would like to thank all my teachers as the credit goes to them for my excellent Matriculation results.

Ali Anwar

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch of 2010 – 2011 Obtained 91.3% marks

I still remember some of the boys and girls of the past few batches, but hardly see any of them now, although they also spent a long time with the same teachers and within the same premises just like we’ve done… This is the beauty of life: to meet, to love and then to depart!” These were my words on the 3rd day of February, 2011, and exactly at 11:27 in the morning! And for those interested, this is an excerpt from my farewell speech for my school! Life seems like a roller coaster ride since I graduated from Student Academy and am now studying at LUMS. I still remember one thing clear and explicit in my mind: I was once a toddler entering my school thirteen years back! While I continued my journey with my school supporting me on every stage of my life with the clocks moving forward in their specific direction, I started dreaming about the most successful life I could spend, the most dignified, respectable, well-to-do position I could achieve and above all, the most cooperative, contributing and humble person I could be to the society in the near future. These dreams, well, they were never innate in my existence, not for a bet! My school taught me to recognize them for myself. Yes! It was Student Academy, my alma-mater, that taught me not only the basic distinction between “the good and the best”, but also brought me to the conviction that perfection in my academics and most importantly, in my behavior and conduct, is attainable for me. Many a times in life since then have I come across exhaustive situations, competitive academic “battlefields” and the most promising challenges to achieve something that has never been achieved before, whether it be astonishing compliments from “always-the-rude” teachers or high hopes for a project in the “irresistible” subjects and courses which I have studied until now. One thing was common; I’ve always been ready for everything- I’ve always said to myself, “Come what may!”, and this has been possible only because of my school. My school prepared me for all the challenges of life- it prepared me for the sorrows through the happiness that a lifetime could give me- it prepared me for everything! This is the thought which has bound me to it and will always link me to my school whether I am in any part of the world. My school has made me what I am- my school has brought to me, after the Almighty, the success that I have today, Alhamdulillah! I wish it the best of luck for its future, praying that it soars through and conquers all the skies of progress and well-being.



Mohammad Rafay Ali Khan

Former Student, Student Academy

Matric Batch of 2010 – 2011 Obtained 91.3% marks.

Admission in STUDENT ACADEMY was a perfect decision made by my parents. School plays an important role in academic development as well as character building, so STUDENT ACADEMY was a perfect platform for that. I still remember my first day at school and of course my first and the best teacher MISS NOORI , whom I admire the most for reading my complex mind and helping me to improve. It was a great journey of 8years and no doubt in those 8 years, my childish mind grew into a mature one. I am very thankful to MISS SABRA, MRS REHANA ASAD, MRS TAYYABA, SIR FARUKI and SIR NAZIR to make me realize my hidden skills and due to their efforts I achieved a great result in the matric batch 2011-2012 Last but not the least I am thankful to our dear leader MRS KHADIJA MOHIB who always dreamed of Pakistan producing scholars and educationists and thus always worked hard to maintain a good system in order to provide a sound base for the students so that the above could be achieved. May ALLAH make her ambitions successful.

Jaffar Saleem Jada

Former Student, Student Academy