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At Student Academy we lay special emphasis on early childhood development to instil the importance of education and discipline.


Qualified and Experienced


Emphasis on English


STEAM Learning


Skill development

Pre-Primary Section

A child’s intelligence and social characteristics start forming in the early years requiring special attention and guidance. We keep innovating ourselves by applying latest techniques to improve our methodologies. Our staff regularly attends training and development programs to ensure we rank amongst the best in our field.

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Junior Section

Students are made aware of the importance of hard work and honesty to help attain academic excellence. Written and spoken English are given special emphasis at this stage. Activity based learning via various programs is organized in school on a regular basis to build confidence and public speaking capabilities. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities and programs to help develop their personalities and social skills.

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Senior Section

This is the final and most important stage of a child’s academic progression as it defines the future direction towards further education and individual personality development. At this stage hard work and commitment is encouraged to help secure maximum marks in board exams. Besides academic excellence, various academic and social activities are organized to help structure a student’s personality and confidence building.

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Dear Parents,


We are happy to inform you all that we have started to resume in-person/physical classes from the 15th of September as per government directives:

  1. Grades IX and X from Tuesday, 15th September, 2020. 
  1. Grades VI , VII and VIII from Monday, 28th September, 2020. 
  1. Grades I till grade V from Wednesday, 30th September, 2020. 

4.  Pre-nursery to Kindergarten from Friday, 2nd October 2020.

School Timings:

Pre-nursery to Kindergarten - 9:10 AM till 11:30 AM (Gate 3)

Classes I to V - 8:50 AM till 12:05 PM 

(Classes I and II will use Gate 5, Classes III to V will use Gate 3)

Classes VI and VII - 8:30 AM till 12:05 PM (Gate 4)

Classes VIII to X - 8:45 AM till 12:05 PM (Gate 4)

Office Timings:

9:30 AM till 11 AM and 12:30 PM till 1:30 PM, applicable from September 30. (Main Gate 1).

All timings are from Monday to Saturday.

  • Timings have to be followed strictly and admittance will be allowed at the given slots only in order to maintain social distancing. Late comers shall not be entertained. 
  • Students will be called in groups on alternate days including Saturdays. (3 days a week per group)
  • Class strength will be 50%. Schedules/Timetables will be shared class wise via the app/email and Teams.

The schools OES system which has been shifted onto Microsoft Teams will continue to operate. Virtual classes will be conducted to cover subjects other than the core ones. Moreover, in case of another lockdown these will help continue studies. Links via email and the school app have been discontinued as we have migrated onto MS Teams.

Please review in detail the SOPs document which has been shared via email and the school app

We would like to thank our parents for their co-operation, support and trust during the difficult times of the lockdown.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to faculty members who worked religiously, day and night during these hard times to facilitate students in continuing with their studies using the schools OES. 

Standard SOP's in place:

  • No Mask no entry policy will be strictly implemented.
  • Temperature will be checked before entering the school (<100F for entry).
  • Washing of hands upon entry into the school will be mandatory for students and staff members.
  • No one other than students and staff will be allowed inside the school at school start and off timings. 
  • School timings have been reduced. (Subject to change) 
  • Student strengthened halved (50%).
  • Each group will attend school for 3 days in a week. 
  • Core/Major subjects will be taught in school and other subjects will be taught via MS Teams.
  • Students will go directly to their classrooms while maintaining social distancing.
  • There will be no sharing of any items between students.
  • Over crowding will not be allowed in any part of the school.
  • There will be no assemblies. Large gatherings will not be allowed.
  • Canteen will remain closed. Students must bring their own water bottles from home.
  • Safety Pack to be carried by each student containing an extra mask, small tissue pack and a small bottle of hand sanitiser.
  • Office timings have been limited for the safety and security of our students.

We request parents to cooperate with the school management in effectively implementing all SOPs in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

The Management