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Pre-Primary Section

Play Group till Kindergarten

The benefits of Montessori system are uncountable. A child’s intelligence and social characteristics are formed between the age of 2 -6 years. Special emphasis is laid on Phonetics and sight reading with the help of the flash cards.


  • Our aim is to develop the talent, creativity and confidence in each child.
  • By performing EPL (Exercise of practical life) our children are learning care of environment and personal care. Side by side they are developing their eye and hand coordination, balancing and control.
  • Creative thinking skills of the young learners are being enhanced by introducing.
  1. Show and Tell (an object is put on display for them to give their observation).

  2. Mystery Bag (here they feel the different objects inside their bag and describe them). This enhances their vocabulary, sense of touch and descriptive skills.

  3. Picture sequencing is done as they read along. This helps the students in sentence construction and creative writing.

Topics are introduced at length each month

April May August September October
Mother Earth Manners and Courtesy Pakistan Myself Colours
Transport Places around us Safety
April May August September October
Professions Seasons Plants Animal Kingdom Hobbies